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One Nation, United We Stand.

It's been 20 years & we have forgotten.

❤️ 20 years since 4 flights with a total of 265 people were lost & we forgot.
🤍 20 years since 110 flights of stairs were climbed to try to save those who were stuck & we forgot.
💙 20 years since our 2 twin towers went down killing approximately 2,800 people (343 of those being firefighters & 60 of those being officers) & we forgot.

It's been 20 years since September 11th, 2001 & WE FORGOT what this day truly signifies.

Yes, we will always remember the event & those that we lost on this tragic day. BUT, it’s blatantly obvious we have forgotten what this day taught us. September 11th, 2001, is the day America stood together as ONE nation. It’s the one day we all thanked our lucky stars for every single thing we had at that moment in life. It’s the one day we realized our FREEDOMS & CHOICES are a gift we must protect.

It’s now more than ever we need to remember 9/11 as a whole. We need to remember those that we lost. We need to remember what we were taught. We need to realize and live knowing America is a gift. It’s a gift that can be taken & abused, & in order for us to continue being the land of the free BECAUSE of our brave we need to become a nation of one again.

So let's take today, the 20th anniversary, to remember. To remember all those that we lost. To remember all those that stepped up to save our people, our pride, our freedoms, & our land without questioning it. To remember WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AS ONE, ALWAYS.

It is so important to make sure we teach our kids, we talk to our kids, & we remind our kids what it means to be an American. What it means to live in this amazing country, amidst all our current chaos, & how we must protect all the freedoms we have because of those who are fighting for us. 🇺🇸